Pou Cute Virtual Pet

Pou, The Cute Alien Virtual Pet


Are you a fan of virtual pets like My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela? If so, you will enjoy having Pou, which is not like any other virtual pet, because he is an alien! Actually, Pou is either a girl or a boy, depending on how you want to dress this alien cutie up. Adults, not just kids, enjoy the company of Pou. Even though he is quiet most of the time, he makes sure that you are entertained and happy with the various mini-games and outdoor activities that you can do together!

Just like a real pet, you need to make sure that Pou is fed, takes a bath, and doesn’t get sick. It’s not a hard job because Pou makes sure to keep you entertained. You can pick what color you want for Pou, what kind of clothes you want for him to wear, and accessories that will keep Pou in style. Keep Pou happy, and Pou will make sure that you are comfortable as well!


pou virtual pet game feeding


Keep Pou Feeling Cute and Fresh

The best thing about having a virtual pet is that you get to dress them up. You can personalize Pou with the many outfits, costumes, and available accessories. But remember that you can buy these outfits and accessories using coins, so earn as much as you can by playing mini-games. You can also choose a color for Pou, may it be brown, pink, or orange. It’s your call.

Take care of Pou and keep him energized by feeding him, keeping him clean, and making sure that he doesn’t get sick. Once you ensure all of these, Pou will be fresh and spunky that you can take him on various outdoor activities! Pou will be your favorite virtual pet because of all the things that you can do together.


Play Mini-Games with Pou!

In order for you to earn coins, you need to play mini-games and other outdoor activities. These coins can be used to buy Pou his food, outfits, and many more. But don’t worry because these mini-games are so much fun. If you are not familiar with the mini-games, here’s a few of them:

  • Beach Volley
  • Cliff Jump
  • Cliff Dash
  • Color Match
  • Connect and Connect 2
  • Find Pou
  • Food Drop
  • Free Fall
  • Match Tap

There are so many mini-games that you can enjoy. These mini-games are designed to keep you not just entertained, but also to keep your brains sharp. You will definitely love Pou and the mini-games waiting in store for you!


Meet Friends Online!

What’s best about Pou is that you get to play with your friends. To add friends on Pou, just click on the top right corner and then go to Friends. Press search, and you can choose from random Pou or type in your friend’s username. Once done, both of you can play games that support multiplayer games. Make sure that you both are connected to the internet to play!

Here are some of the games that support multiplayer:

  • Water Hop
  • Pet Walk
  • Beach Volley
  • Four Pous
  • Sky Hop
  • Tic Tac Pou

What are you waiting for? Invite your friends now and have the time of your lives with Pou!