My Talking Angela Virtual Pet

The Virtual Pet You Have Always Wanted, My Talking Angela!


Those who are familiar with virtual pets most likely have heard of My Talking Tom. It was released in 2013 by Outfit7 Limited. Ever since then, kids who own smartphones and tablets have My Talking Tom installed. But what made virtual pets even better for girls is My Talking Angela. What’s great about these games is that kids and adults can both enjoy it. It’s not only kids who are fond of games designed for them. Sometimes, those who are older can get a bit of distraction from it.

My Talking Angela has the same mechanics as My Talking Tom and Pou, another virtual pet game. But if you and your kids are into style and fashion, Angela is the perfect pet for you. Just like any girl, Angela is outgoing and girly. You and your family will have fun dressing her up! The most important thing is that you ensure her happiness, just as she ensures yours! There are many other ways to interact with her, and you will surely love it.


My Talking Angela is Just Like Any Other Stylish Cat

Like a real pet, My Talking Angela lets you take care of Angela in numerous ways. Once you have a real-life pet, all you need is to ensure that they get their vaccines and have to eat healthily. But Angela is the type of cat that needs constant attention. She will stimulate your brain with her fun traits.

Like Tom, you can bathe her, decorate her home, and give her yummy and delicious food! She has a sick sense of fashion that little girls will love to play dress-up with her. Angela is like any other pet cat, but the ability to dress her up is up to you! Make sure to give her the best clothes that will represent you!


my talking angela virtual pet game


Mini-games by My Talking Angela to Keep You From Getting Bored

Besides dressing Angela up, there are many mini-games that the developers set up just for you. It is pretty understandable that dressing her up, bathing her, and feeding her can be tedious. That’s why mini-games are created for your entertainment. These games will test your skills when it comes to solving puzzles and testing your reflexes as well. But make sure that Angela’s energy level is above 30% to play.

Mini-games are a great way to earn XP and soles. It also raises Angela’s happiness. Some of these mini-games are the following:

  • Balloon Splash
  • Brick Breaker
  • Connect Symbols
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Megafauna
  • Tiny Puzzles


Endless Fun for Your Favorite Virtual Pet

There are a lot of activities laid out for you that you can do in My Talking Angela. You can choose her outfits from a vast selection of fashion items. This includes dresses, shoes, and makeup. Who doesn’t like makeup after all? Not Angela! She can get a new makeover anytime you want!

Did you know that Angela is also a great dancer? She can learn many cool dance moves that she can dance on her favorite songs, whether it’s Kpop, classical ballet, or disco. Angela will make sure to entertain you with her crazy dance moves. It sure is nice to have a virtual pet that knows how to keep you happy!